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October 17-2013 :: RingMeMaybe Launch


RingMeMaybe is the first iPhone app developed by yourVirtualSIM Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California. RingMeMaybe is designed to solve the privacy issues in person-to-person and person-to-crowd mobile engagement. We strongly believe that sharing your phone number is the best way to start a conversation. We hope you will like our app and find it useful. Looking forward to your feed-backs!



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Generate new phone numbers

Tap the RingMeMaybe central button and generate a real new phone number within seconds. You can generate and manage several phone numbers and use them for different occasions: dating, classified apps, internet profiles...

Drop number

When you want to stop receiving calls on a specific number e.g. you have already rented the room that you advertise on Craigslist, you can delete the number in a matter of seconds. The future callers will be advised that the number is no longer in use.

Visual Voicemail

You cannot pick-up the phone? You are receiving too many calls and cannot handle them all? Don't worry, the callers can leave a message that you can listen later. The visual voicemail is accessible on the "Recents" screen together with the calls history.

Identify anonymous caller

When you receive a call on a RingMeMaybe number, the tag of the number is displayed e.g. "Guy at the bar" or "Guitar for sale on eBay". It gives you an immediate indication on the context of the call, even if the caller ID is hidden or if the caller number is unknown by your iPhone contacts list.

Pause Number

When you want to block a number temporarily, use the Pause number feature. The number will stop ringing and the caller will be hearing a message indicating that the number is not in service at this time. You can Unpause the number at anytime.

Add time

By default, a RingMeMaybe number automatically expires after 1 week, the time for you to sell your item via eBay or to decide if you want to meet an online date. But if you need to keep a number for a longer period of time, don't forget to add time, you can extend it as many weeks as you need.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.When should I use RingMeMaybe?

    Every time you hesitate to share your phone number.

    The best situations examples are when you want to publish an ad on Craiglist or when you start getting in a conversation on Match.com but there is no limit. You can basically generate a new phone number for every occasion!

  • Q.I downloaded the app, what do I do now?

    Get your first RingMeMaybe number by pushing the big R button! People can call you on the new number immediatly after you have tagged it with a contect e.g. "guitar for sale on Craigslist".

  • Q.I cannot generate numbers anymore, why?

    You have not enough credits left to generate new numbers. Go on the credits button and either buy credits or earn them for free by completing the missions of our offer wall e.g. watch a video.

  • Q. How much does RingMeMaybe cost?

    RingMeMaybe can be downloaded at for free on the app Apple Store and comes with free 20 credits to generate 2 phone numbers. From there you can decide to buy or earn more credits to generate additional numbers or extend the life of the existing ones.

  • Q. Do I pay to receive calls?

    No, you don't pay any dime to receive calls. RingMeMaybe uses the most advanced voice over IP technology to bypass your voice carrier costs. But as it is a voice over IP technology, you need to be connected to Wifi, 3G, 4G or LTE, and that it at your own cost.

  • Q. Can I use RingMeMaybe to call out?

    No. RingMeMaybe serves the protection of your privacy, it's not designed to call with a fake identity!

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